Would you like to be part of a new group to help maintain our local footpaths in collaboration with NYCC?

Knayton Parish Council are hoping that we can join NYCC’s Path Keeper Scheme and are looking for someone to coordinate the group and liaise with Arrietty Heath, NYCC and some willing volunteers!

Joining this scheme would enable us to identify and carry out simple maintenance (with the landowner’s permission where necessary) covered by NYCC’s insurance.

The Parish Council are aware that the village has a walking group and that many people enjoy walking in and around the village.  Councillors would like to see if there is any interest in ‘formalising’ the excellent job people do of noticing where maintenance is required so that necessary maintenance can be done safely and legally.

Please contact the clerk, Liz Foster, by email liz.foster@hotmail.co.uk or by phone 07973 778836 if you are interested.